Whitecourt, Alberta Photographer – Week 18 {{Self Portrait}}

Whitecourt, Alberta Photographer   Week 18 {{Self Portrait}}

As self portrait is a daunting task.  Especially if you are like me and really dis-like being in front of the camera, but this weeks theme was just that, a self portrait.  So I hauled out my camera, tripod and remote and starting playing around with my daily activities.

This is in no way a technically correct portrait nor is it very exciting, but it’s me.  No makeup, no fancy hairdo, no fancy clothes…..just me. And my crazy hairWhitecourt, Alberta Photographer   Week 18 {{Self Portrait}}










Be sure to check out the other Self Portraits this week! Next up is Erin Dahl – www.erindahlphotography.com



Whitecourt, Alberta Photographer   Week 18 {{Self Portrait}}
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Christine b - love the take on this theme!

Cathy K - Nice job with this Tammy! I like that you are not just in the reflection but that’s there’s also a part of you in the shot!

Faye - Well done Tammy! It’s you and that’s all that matters! “A day in the life” :)

Kimberlee Edwards Photography | Cary NC Photographer - I feel your pain. I have a lot of hair and it takes forever to dry. I spend a lot of time under the dryer when I do decide to dry it.

Great picture of yourself this week.

amy ames - Just you is perfect! Great job with this.

Genevieve - Nice work! I’m the same way, nothin’ fancy :) I like how you caught yourself in and out of the mirror.

liza - very creative, good for you!

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tammyb - Yes Robin I do hate drying my hair everyday!! I’d love to chop it off, but I know I’d regret it…so I just keep chuggin’ on. :)

Christa P.d - This is a great take on this week’s theme! I love the angle!

Robin Moore - Hey you did great. Love the “you” looking back at your in the mirror. What a great idea just doing your daily activities. Don’t you just hate drying your hair everyday? HA Great job with the remote. Nice work.

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